Tired of doing the same productions year after year?

DAPA have several original scripts available to hire to schools.  These productions can suit various levels of experience and can be performed as drama pieces or as a full musical production with our suggested songs.  The shows aim to be an alternative to the limited productions usually available, such as Annie and Oliver.  As well as the script we can provide assistance with Direction, Choreography, Background Projections etc.  Everything you need to put on an end of year production.


Alice tells us her story of when she moved to a new school "Monster School High" a school originally for zombies, but now thanks to Principal Everyman the school is open to everyone including monsters ghouls and ghosts.

But not everyone is happy with the situation, especially Zelena, Zarah and Zoe, and their gang of zombie Fearleaders, who have got used to ruling the school with the help of Coach Winifred.

Zelena takes an instant disliking to Alice who is merely a half-witch half-human and conflict between the two builds over a school talent contest.

Luckily for Alice she makes friends with a group of "Misfits" Frankie (Frankenstien's Monster), Lycan (Wolf-boy), Raven (Vampire) and Bones (Skeleton). But who will go through to the talent competition and represent the school?


The story tells of a curious young alien girl, called Lexi who after a misunderstanding, decides to run away from home.   Accompanied by her faithful robot assistant Pixel, they decide to visit Earth, the mysterious planet she has always wanted to explore.   After landing on Earth they find themselves in the bedroom of two sisters and with the help of their new-found friends, Sophie and Emma, they set off on an adventure exploring the sights the world has to offer.   Unfortunately, this soon catches the attention of Ms. Boss an obsessive government agent who would love to get her hands on an extra-terrestrial. 


When disaster strikes and the WiFi at home stops working, grandpa comes to the rescue of Wendy and Michael and shows them that if they use their imagination there is a whole other world to explore in books. Wendy and Michael end up being transported into a world where evil Miss Scrunchball plans to turn all children into mindless Wifi zombies to have some peace and quiet.

Will Wendy and Michael stop her evil plan before its too late?


Matilda loves to write but when she gets teased on a school trip to a museum she runs away and hides in a store room. There she somehow finds herself transported into the world of the museum and the only way out is to find Princess Fionas Magical gem before the tyrant Lord Duloc does. Together Matilda and Princess Fiona travel through areas of the museum such as the jungle, the Planetarium and the Shakespearian exhibit  and end up on a journey that changes them both forever.